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August 06, 2011


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I enjoyed it very much, Patrice, thank you for letting me know about it. (sigh)

Patti: I hope you will enjoy a poem,we read in class today!It is called, "A Picture on the Mantel" by James Lafayette Walker. It has so much"HEART"!-PMG

Yes, God is good and when we remain open miracles abound. Thanks to you both~

Dear Patti:Hope you all will find the truest "friendship",and old-fashioned "love"--that meets you---"really"...."THERE"--Yes,!"GOD IS GOOD!"-Blessings-PM

Patti...don't ever think that it was pure chance hearing Satie's music at the dog shelter. I like the word Synchronicity...a meaningful coincidence...and they abound in life once we start looking for them. Again...just another word for the grace of God.

Yep...mountaintops and valleys...highs and lows. Can't have one without the other. I know...one day you're almost on top of the world again, thinking that it's getting a little easier...and then the next...down in that dark valley again, gazing up...longingly...at that familiar sun-drenched peak that now seems so out of reach...so distant.

Hang in there Patti...and keep watching for those synchronicities. I raise a toast to your dear Apu...with my morning cup of coffee...Seattle's Best...to be exact. :)

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