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April 20, 2011


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Patti...Thanks for the link. I will definitely take a look. Cyberspace...it is indeed a wondrous place. I met my wife on 'the net', what seems like ages ago (in reality, only 14 years). I remember telling her at the time that the universe seemed like a vast tapestry that is continuously being woven (by whom?), with our lives being the 'warp and the woof' of the fabric. And...that it was pretty miraculous that two people could meet in such a manner. This was in my thoughts all day today...the concept of 'entwinement', a favorite word of mine. It brought to mind an old folk song by Steve Goodman (who was a fellow native of Chicago...sorry, no charming southern accent here). The song, 'Spoon River' (a small river in Illinois), is wistful and evocative of another age, speaking, I think, of new beginnings after a period of darkness.

All of the river boat gamblers are losing their shirts
All of the brave Union soldier boys sleep in the dirt
But you know and I know, there never was reason to hurt
All of our lives were entwined to begin with,
Here in Spoon River.

All of the calico dresses, the gingham and lace,
Are up in the attic with Grandfather's derringer case,
There's words whispered down in the parlour, a shadowy face,
The morning is heavy with one more beginning,
Here in Spoon River.

Come to the dance, Mary Perkins, I like you right well,
The Union's preserved, if you listen you'll hear all the bells,
There must be a heaven, God knows that I've seen most of hell,
My rig is outside, come and ride through the morning,
Here in Spoon River.

Each morning is indeed 'heavy with one more beginning'. His grace is renewed everyday, and we're invited to 'come and ride through the morning.'

Patrice! You are SO adorable!!! Maybe Jim is here to meet YOU! Cyber-space, a strange and miraculous world!?! How is the new website doing? pg

Dear Patti: An old adage..."rings" true!..."The only way to have a friend is to be a friend"! Patti meet Jim--Jim meet Patti!The message is clear,and it is out there-- for everyone!Praise the sharing!PMG

Jim, I was so happy to receive your comment, thank you. It's folks like you (I immediately fell into a southern accent-how rude!) that keep me writing. If I can offer even a small amount of comfort by being on this journey with you - well, stirring up all my emotional dust is worth it. To say I know how you feel is well-meaning, but inaccurate for each of us must travel our unique path. I am sad for your pain. To lose someone so loved and with unlived days ahead without that "one" - well it's just a physical pain that can't be described. I want to let you know of a website that might give you a bit of support. These kind of things aren't for everyone, so just check it out and see what you think. I'm careful on it, but have found some comfort there...answers to questions I didn't even think I was ready to ask. Let me know what you think.http://www.dailystrength.org/support-groups (once on it just search for the "Widow/widowers" group. I originally went there to post my blog and now I check in once and awhile. Again, thanks for stopping by my little blog. We are not alone although somedays it feels like it. Big hugs to you. pg

I don't know how I came upon your site, but it's given me some relief just knowing that someone else is going through this 'process' (as if this is a unique experience). I lost my dear wife Sharon (also a Nurse) back in January, and it's been difficult, to say the least. We had bought a small house in the woods of South Carolina about two years ago, just across the border from Charlotte where I work, where we hoped to spend the rest of our days. Now it's just me, our two Pomeranians, and a chicken named Hector, listening to the whippoorwills singing throughout the night. I know that I'll eventually 'work my way' through this process. Since you're a bit further along down that road than I am, I can already appreciate what you've been through, and what I can possibly expect in the days ahead. Thanks! I'll keep reading...

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