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February 08, 2011


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Thanks so much for checking in, Joni. I remember you. It was helpful to meet you and realize last year you were where I am now and although you are still hurting you've come along. That gives me hope.

Patti, Joni here from the retreat. How fun to read your re-cap of the weekend. The pictures were perfect. I lost my husband July 2009 so by the time I attended the retreat last year for the first time, I was in a fog, I was a mess, I couldn't breathe. This year was better but I related to everything each "widow" shared. No one can understand this without being in the same space. I am still raw and healing --looking for peace and new ways to cope with my new life....feel free to email me.


Even with the bag on your head, I would so not cross you :) Love the reminder that truly nothing is random and that it's totally okay to process at our own pace and allow all of what comes with faith we'll get through, our own way.

Patti:... That Greek fisherman had it "going on"...in the true sense of the word!...In God's own way...In God's own time!...Bless You...PMG

Thank you, Sister Penny, for "getting" me. When I feel I've lost touch with that person, you remind me that you know her and you must find something of value in that person cuz you still stick around. I find that very reassuring. Thank you, thank you darling girl for everything....xxx

Once again, Patti, you make me cry and laugh...was all into Amazing Grace and somber until I scrolled down and saw you with the plastic bag on your head. I laughed so loud the dog jumped up and ran out of the room! You captured the weekend perfectly right down to John Michael Talbott who sounded just like the guitar guy at Mass. God certainly gave you the gift of writing, and thank you for your witness. Love you, Sister Patti Grace!

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