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Patricia Grace sounds more noble than I am, Lord knows I try. I am an RN and a retired nurse educator. At the age of 9 I walked through the neighborhood with a home made, cardboard notebook writing odes to a broken down pony named Skeeter, and short stories about everyday life such as our garbage can that my dad backed over (in my story it was recycled into tin soldiers for a little boy with no toys). What can I say, I worked with what I had. As an adult I observed my children and wondered what their futures held. After reading that our authentic selves reveal themselves very young, I called my mom (I so miss her) to ask how it was that I never followed my writing path. She didn't hesitate a moment, "As the oldest of our 6 kids, I needed you. You didn't have time for that; you were too busy caring for us!" So...I became a nurse. I've always been a writer, just one that took care of people first. I never figured out how to do it all...but with some loving mentors, I'm learning. That's what we late bloomers do~


yoga, tennis, dancing, naps, spas, reading, writing, meditation, pine cones, road trips, boutique hotels, the ballet, piano playing (although badly) window seats, nurturing my family and friends (aka nurse), mentoring students, puttering, non-serious gardening as in flower pots (refer to puttering), my dog Scout and parrot Baby, down-hill skiing, walking like i mean it, rosaries, cloud formations, people watching/interacting, stones of the river bed variety that skip especially well, color books and crayons, lady bugs, row boats, sparkly things, anything chocolate (except insects), being spoiled rotten, spoiling my loved ones just to the ripe point, old movies and snapshots, big band music (well almost all music), our cabin, nooks and crannies, anything icy winter sky blue, accomplishing things as in crossing them off the list, gab (my book club of 10 yrs, surprising myself (especially now) and a couple of other things....